Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Want to make sure that everyone finds the right place, this is what the logo looks like for now. All 5,000 Friends will be loaded into it by the end of the week.... Go ahead and make yourself a FAN NOW.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well Everybody, It has Happened Again .... FACEBOOK has once again disabled my account, which was now almost at 5,000 Friends.

Once again, I have emailed Facebook to see what has happened this time. The wall that everyone posts on is left up to the responsibility of the POSTING COMMUNITY, I am usually online all the time keeping a close eye on everything, and rarely have I ever had to pull anything.

I am contacting Facebook to see what happened, until then, may I suggest that our online community togo http://www.planetcoachella.com/ We had a large community, at least get your profile on there so that YOU ALSO HAVE ANOTHER OUTLET IF FACEBOOK EVER DECIDES TO TERMINATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

My profile is there, once you are up, please send me an email... & thank you for supporting me on the other site - I would really like us to keep that momentum going.

Thank You - Site Administrator

Monday, April 19, 2010


Had an Awesome time at the Coachella concert. Now I look forward to next year's COACHELLA 2011 .

Now getting ready for all of the cowboys to arrive for this weekend's STAGECOACH . What a great town that we live in !

What are YOUR thoughts on COACHELLA ? Share with the community on Facebook.

Who else is ready to rock?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coachella Valley Events or Coachellavalleyevents & PLANETCOACHELLA

How is it that someone with no writing, graphic, or marketing skills can have an online social community of over 3,400 Facebook Friends and is able to bring everyone up the ladder to the Top of that 1st Page of Google with me?

My goal is for all of my Facebook Friends, and all of my Friends that are on PLANETCOACHELLA to do really well with getting their message out and working with one another. Only through working together and getting involved in our local cities, chambers, etc. can we build a stronger online community that crosses over each of the city boarders.

This is a place to pool our resources together and work together.
Go put your business on WWW.PLANETCOACHELLA.COM

Thank You
Site Administrator