Thursday, November 11, 2010

COACHELLA VALLEY EVENTS for Southern California & the WORLD !

"Never be afraid to try, remember .... Amatuers built the ark, Professionals built the Titanic" - Unknown

COACHELLAVALLEYEVENTS is an ONLINE Social Networking Community. We are on the 1st Page of Google.

I cover Social & Networking Events for the Coachella Valley & Surrounding Communities throughout Southern California. I find out about my events through your TWITTER Direct Messages, Your TWEETS, the Newspapers, Television Stations, my Momma & ALL The SAME Ways that YOU find out about news to talk about. If something interests me, or I think it's important, I'll SHARE with ALL of YOU. If I decide to ramble about nothing at all, then I will do that as well. Most times, I will try to make it a somewhat enjoyable enviornment because I want YOU to CHECK DAILY to see What I AM TWEETING, or if you Find something out that you want to SHARE with me, let me know, or you can add @COACHELLAEVENTS to your tweet and either I, or someone else will surely see it and RETWEET it for YOU.

Simple FACTS about COACHELLA that you should know.
1) COACHELLA is a city in CALIFORNIA zipcode is 92236 area code is (760)
2) COACHELLA is also the name of one of the WORLD'S LARGEST MUSIC FESTIVALS.
3) The entire world is looking directly at The Coachella Valley & Southern California due to our POPULATION OF CASINOS .
4) COACHELLA VALLEY is referred to the area as La Palma de la Mano de Dios, or "The Palm of God's Hand".

This FACEBOOK FANPAGE is for ALL of YOU to become a FAN of & SHARE YOUR EVENTS on. It is a FREE PUBLIC SHARING SITE that ALLOWS EVERYBODY to see what's going on in Southern Caifornia, Also, it allows OTHERS DIRECT ACCESS into our SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARKET as well. It is designed to ADD YOUR FANPAGE, WEBSITE, whatever you want to do, MY GOAL is that you SHARE something about yourself, or YOUR BIZ & DRAW the TRAFFIC OUT to your SITE or LINKS.

The larger the FANPAGE IS, the better it works.... I am leaving it up to all of YOU if YOU DECIDE to SUGGEST IT TO YOUR Facebook Friends. It is ONE of the LARGEST in the COACHELLA VALLEY and it would only need just a couple of YOU to RECOMMEND it to MAKE IT THE LARGEST LOCAL FB. COMMUNITY.... it is entirely up to ALL of YOU.

Friends that listed me on Twitter. Here is a running list of everyone that has me listed thus far, keep in-mind that I currently have less than 4,000 Followers. & To ALL of YOU that have LISTED me, THANK YOU & I have You LISTED BACK AS WELL !

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