Friday, March 26, 2010



I have no idea why Facebook had disabled it, and no reason was provided as well. I have been very active on the profile since December 2009. I am now on WWW.PLANETCOACHELLA.COM as well... If Facebook decides to disable my profile again, the COMMUNITY THAT EACH OF YOU ARE POSTING AND CHECKING DAILY WILL BE COMPLETELY LOST.

Anyone with a business that was POSTING on my WALL, GOTO WWW.PLANETCOACHELLA.COM and put your business on there. I sincerely feel that it will be a stronger local community, each of my 3,000 Friends (and counting) are hand-picked by ME because YOU are extremely active in your local community.

Most of you are business owners, executives, lots of musicians, lots of artists, ALL EXTREMELY TALENTED PEOPLE & DECISION MAKERS. I didn't see any other companies bringing the this pool of TALENT together, nor giving you a FORUM to Help Promote Yourself.

WWW.PLANETCOACHELLA.COM Puts the controls in YOUR Hands, in a MUCH more ORGANIZED MANNER than what we have going on in FACEBOOK... Facebook, and the way that we are posting, is like a big sandwich where we are piling stuff up, and it gets taller & taller & taller. WWW.PLANETCOACHELLA.COM IS AN TRUE EVENTS CALENDAR, and you can post your reviews, you can see what people Rate Your Business, You can POST YOUR FLIERS, Add Your LINKS from FACEBOOK, TWITTER, WHEREEVER IT IS THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR VIEWERS TO.... It Teaches & Makes it very easy for YOU TO ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS, AND ENTICE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

I hope that each one of you will join me at

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